Parent Payments

Preferred Payment Method for School Business

We can now will begin to accept online payments using the Department of Education’s Parent Online Payment (POP) system. A button to access this new online payment system titled ‘Make a Payment’ is visible below.By selecting this link, parents and carers will be taken to a secure Westpac QuickWeb payment page from you can make online payments.

Online payments can take at least two days to clear. If you are making a payment that is after the due date, proof of payment may be required, before a student can participate in an activity.

Click here for payment instructions

Click here for an explanation of school invoices

Please note: As a Westpac-hosted solution cardholder and account details will be held securely helping to protect the school and its customers from fraudulent transactions as well as assisting in meeting the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) compliance requirements.

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