Band Program

The North Ryde Band Program began in 2008 and now has grown to include three bands, the Performance Band, Concert Band and the Training Band. Students in Years 3 to 6 are eligible to participate in the Band Program. Most children would join the Training Band initially and progress to the Concert Band after one year. Some children may be invited to transfer to a higher level band depending on their skill and level of achievement. Children who wish to join the Band Program during the year will be assessed for a suitable placement in one of the bands. Band information downloads:

  • Band Information Booklet (currently being reviewed)
  • Band Code of Conduct Agreement
  • Summary of Band Costs 2017
  • Performance Dates 2018 (currently being reviewed)

The North Ryde Public School Band Program is managed by Key Music Australia. Key Music Australia organises the tutorial and rehearsal program and provides conductors and instrument tutors for North Ryde band members. All communication to parents regarding band, tutorial matters and fees will come directly from Key Music Australia.

­Contact details:
Key Music Australia Director: Matt Dalziel
Phone: 1300 13 18 52
Postal Address: PO Box 892,   Pennant Hills NSW 1715
Email: [email protected]

Key Music Australia has a comprehensive online portal. It is the first place to go to find out about the costs of participating in the band, how a band program works, instrument assembly and care, and other answers to your questions. Portal: The North Ryde Public School P&C oversees the coordination of the band program and provides regular financial support and advice to the Band Committee.