Key Messages

Achieving Academic Excellence

Our students are proudly continuing North Ryde Public School’s tradition of academic excellence.

We hold high expectations of all our students and foster a passion for learning.

Stimulating programs tailored to individual learning styles and needs allow each student to achieve their full potential.

Our students consistently enjoy success in state-wide and national tests, placing the school’s academic achievements far above state average.

We provide a challenging and creative environment, where the latest technology enhances student learning.

Inspirational team of teaching professionals

At North Ryde Public School our professional teaching team provide your child with the best start for their future.

Our community values the highly qualified, skilled teachers and support staff who care for our students.

This dynamic team is committed to continuing professional development and the implementation of innovative learning programs.

Our staff provide a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment allowing your child to thrive in all areas of their academic and social development.

Opportunities to challenge and inspire

Students at North Ryde Public School experience a wealth of opportunities to challenge and inspire – a guided pathway to individual fulfilment.

We provide enrichment and extension programs for our gifted and talented students that challenge their thinking and motivate their learning.

All students are encouraged to venture into the arts and develop new talents. We know that participation in the arts can have a profound positive effect on children’s mental and physical development. We proudly offer a whole school dance program, as well as, specialist dance, choir, vocal ensemble and band tuition.

Our extensive sports program, with a focus on skill development, prepares our students for their successful participation in interschool competition and helps them continue an active healthy life. We value and promote the importance of teamwork, cooperation and respect.

In partnership with you

We welcome you to join a school built on a strong foundation of family and community values.

North Ryde Public School promotes a close relationship between home and school.

Our students benefit from the active participation of parents and community members in all aspects of school life.

Your involvement in your child’s education helps them to value learning and establishes a positive and cooperative school environment.

Parents who are actively involved have an understanding of their child’s learning and development and form a lasting educational bond with their child.

Our school is an integral part of our local community. We are proud to have a long tradition of educational excellence within North Ryde and look ahead to a vibrant, exciting future.

Values – Leadership – Responsibility

Our students prosper in an inclusive learning environment that fosters respect, responsibility and cooperation.

All students have the right to grow in an environment that promotes caring for others, integrity and fairness. These values are core to our successful welfare and discipline program.

Our whole school ethos serves to foster a supportive environment, developing responsible citizens. All students form a wide social network with peers from Kindergarten to Year 6 through participation in our peer support and buddy programs.

Leadership provides students with improved self esteem and confidence. We recognise that this is integral to development and all our students are given the opportunity to take on a variety of leadership roles.

Our student representative council, led by our captains, encourages student involvement and democratic decision-making.