About Us

North Ryde Public School …

  • has a wonderful environment where students can enjoy success in learning and develop socially, emotionally, as well as, physically
  • holds high expectations and encourages students to achieve their personal best in all areas
  • has a major emphasis on developing literacy and numeracy skills, and catering to the specific needs of our students
  • offers extensive technology resources are used throughout the school to enhance learning
  • provides enrichment and extension programs for our gifted and talented students that challenge their thinking and motivate their learning
  • encourages students to venture into the arts and develop new talents
  • has an extensive and successful sports program, with a focus on skill development, and
  • has highly skilled, enthusiastic and actively involved staff
  • welcomes the involvement of its parent community in all areas of the school curriculum and programs
  • enjoys shared sense of community and pride in the school

We are proud of our happy, confident and responsible students.

Our school supports academic excellence with resources including:

  • a Technology and Multimedia Centre with video conference facilities
  • a well-resourced library
  • interactive whiteboards
  • wireless online access throughout the school

Our students are enthusiastic participants in:

  • academic, debating and public speaking competitions
  • interschool sport
  • choir, dance and band

We also have:

  • spacious grassed playgrounds within a quiet, landscaped bushland setting
  • opportunities for environmental programs
  • a large hall and adjoining covered area, suitable for performances and other school functions

Our special services include:

  • an excellent before / after school care service provided by The Helping Hands Network
  • close links to the popular excursion venue, NSW Schoolhouse Museum
  • an on-site childcare facility run by¬†Explore and Develop